Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant 2 Oz Squeeze Bottle

$ 5.00

A question we frequently get asked is what to use for lubricating our Rod Ends. The liner is a Teflon impregnated Nylon which means that it is self lubricating. What can happen over time is small particles get between the liner and the bearing which can cause excessive wear and noise. What we recommend is Tri Flow which is a teflon based lubricant. Use 1 drop to each side of the bearing were it meets the liner. Let this sit overnight to absorb.

Tri-Flow Industrial Lubricant is a unique concentrate formula containing micron-sized particles made from PTFE. Tri-Flow deposits a long-lasting film to greatly reduce friction and wear. Tri-Flow cleans and provides a protective shield that inhibits formation of rust and other corrosive buildup that damages working mechanisms.

  • Penetrates inaccessible areas to displace contaminants

  • Effective from -60 degree Fahrenheit to 475 degree Fahrenheit

  • Keeps equipment running longer

  • Reduces costly breakdowns caused by worn and dirty parts