FJ80 Tie Rod Tube Adapter RH (M23x1.5)

$ 12.25

These are made to work with our Heavy duty FJ-80 Toyota Landcruiser tie rod ends.Designed to be welded into 1" Inside Diameter D.O.M. tubing. You can use the more popular size D.O.M tubing 1.5" x .250" Wall tubing or if you are not wanting overkill you can use 1.25" x .120" Wall tubing .

  • Threads 23mm x 1.5
  • Hex Head Measures 1.25"
  • Fits 1" I.D. Tubing
  • Sold in singles 
  • Right Hand Thread 

*Tips to help prevent any seized or warped threads.
Correctly adjust welder settings. (Too much heat can warp the threads)
Not welding the tube adapter with the rod end threaded inside. (Getting the rod end too hot can damage the liner)
Be careful to not keep too much heat on the tube adapter when welding inside of D.O.M