1"-3/4" Stainless Misalignment

$ 7.20

Misalignment does 2 things necessary to run Rod Ends on a 3 or 4 Link Suspension. The first and most important is allow additional room for the joint to pivot and let your suspension articulate. That comes simply from the shape of the misalignment. The second and less important from the function standpoint but equal from the operational point of view is serve as a spacer and reducer. This allows the use of a smaller bolt than the bore of the Heim. That's it, pure and simple, so why must you have to buy stainless steel misalignment? I own RuffStuff Specialties and I found a place to get high quality misalignment in Zinc plated steel, it does the same job at 1/4 of the cost so I ask you, do you need stainless steel for $13.90 a pair or plated steel for $8.20 a pair? Made in the USA!