12" Dual Amber/White LED Light Bar 72W Spot

$ 188.85
The Dual AmberWhite 72 Watt STRAIGHT Light Bar brings LED innovation to the off road lighting market. Traditional automotive LED light bars, spotlights and flood lights project a single light source from a single LED chip, requiring the user to purchase two devices to cover all driving conditions. Fixtures that combine a row of amber LED and another row of white LED basically possess less total lumen output from the same size device. Sierra LED’s innovative design integrates both a bright penetrating 6000 Kelvin white chip set as well a high penetrating 590nm amber chip set in a single LED package. This unique design provides the highest penetration of both light sources from a single luminaire in the industry. This single light kit also includes the Dual AmberWhite wiring harness as well as the Sierra LED three way rocker switch.

Additional Information
LED Chip Type= 6000K White, Dual 590nm Amber / 6000K White
Watts= 72
Beam Angle= 10 Degree SPOT, 25 Degree FLOOD, COMBO
Lumens= 5,400
Housing Color= BLACK
Housing Material= Aluminum
LED Rated Life= 50,000 Hours
Waterproof Rating= IP68
Mounting Bracket= Aluminum
Lens Material= Polycarbonate
Operating Temperature= -40C~60C
Operating Voltage= 9V-36V DC
Size= 12.28 in. ID, 13.94 in. OD, 14.88 In. Bracket OD, 2.56 in. Depth, 4.37 in. Bracket Height